What Are Hot Chocolate Balls?

Hot Chocolate Balls (HCBs) are our own invention. They are a blend of couverture chocolate, honey, cocoa powder, and other flavors to create an individually portioned truffle that can be melted into milk (or milk substitute) to create the best hot chocolate you’ve ever had.

How do I make them?

All hot chocolate Balls come with an instruction card (and flavor cheat sheet.) The chocolate should be mixed with 8oz of milk. (or 6oz for a truly decadent experience) Any milk can be used including whole, skim, soy, coconut, and almond milk. The only thing not recommended is water. Our hot chocolate does not contain milk powder and will not emulsify properly in plain water.

Here are our favorite ways to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate:


  • Unwrap and place the ball in a mug without milk, microwave high for about 20 seconds to soften the ball, do not overheat.
  • Pour 8 oz of milk into mug, microwave on high for 90 seconds or until milk is very hot, but not boiling/scalding.
  • Stir vigorously.
  • Sip and Enjoy.


  • Unwrap and place the ball in a pot with 8 oz of milk.
  • Gently raise temperature while stirring until ball is melted and milk is hot, but not scalded or boiling.
  • Pour carefully into a mug.
  • Sip and Enjoy.
Note, this method can be multiplied for making hot chocolate for a crowd. Crockpot can be used to heat the milk on low. Just remember to stir well before serving.


The steamed milk created from an espresso maker can also be used to make hot chocolate. Make sure all manufacturers’ instructions are followed before attempting this method. Steam can be dangerous and cause severe burns.
  • Steam enough milk so that a little more than 8 oz of liquid will be made. Create some foam.
  • Carefully pour only the hot liquid into a heatproof mug with the hot chocolate ball.
  • Stir vigorously.
  • Scoop some of the remaining foam on top of the mug. Stir once or twice to turn chocolatey!
  • Sip and Enjoy.