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NEW WRAPPERS for Marshmallow Balls!

We have new wrappers that we are using for our marshmallow balls!  All packages have the same yummy marshmallow hot chocolate balls but now you can choose from: White with colored dots (original wrapper) Red with black dots Yellow with black dots Blue with yellow dots If you've been a loyal customer you will notice these look a lot like our "Saturday Morning Cereal Balls", that we've put on hiatus this year.  These packages are brand not our Cereal Balls, but rather the same milk chocolate and marshmallow combination.  Enjoy the "fashion colors" before their gone!

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Marshmallows are BACK! Also the Castleberry Faire

Marshmallows are back, but for how long??? Marshmallows are back in stock!  What are they?  Marshmallow hot chocolate balls are the ones that when you make hot chocolate little baby marshmallows float to the top.  So how long will they be in stock?  (Seriously, real talk here) We made a bunch, but most of them are going to Castleberry Fair (see below).  So this means that if you want Marshmallow balls, I suggest you order them before the end of the Fair.  I think we'll have enough for a few after the show, but it might be close.  We will be making more for the holidays so if you want a wait, you will likely be ok (no hard sale...

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